V-508F and V-584 Added to LuSC Listing

FUNCTIONAL V-508F and FUNCTIONAL V-584 have been approved for inclusion on the Lubricant Substance Classification (LuSC) list as the first thickeners that can be used in European Ecolabel certified products without further data collection by the formulator. FUNCTIONAL V-508F and FUNCTIONAL V-584 are compatible in many of the LuSC listed base fluids. The data found on the LuSC may also be used in Vessel General Permit (VGP) applications.

For further information please see the data sheets below and registration letter below:

Thickener: FUNCTIONAL V-508F

Thickener and Tackifier: FUNCTIONAL V-584

LuSC List

Please contact Functional Products if you need further information regarding formulation of Ecolabel certified products.

New Sulfur-free Way Oil Additive Package Announced

A new light color, low odor way oil additive package has been introduced. Formulated without sulfur-containing additives, this product is intended for use in light duty applications where high sulfur levels cannot be tolerated.

FUNCTIONAL WA-60SF is a non-hazardous additive package intended for use in biobased fluids to provide antiwear properties, mild EP performance, prevent stick-slip and protect against corrosion of both ferrous and copper alloys.

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New Hydraulic Fluid Package Announced

FUNCTIONAL HF-580 is a light color, low odor additive package used to formulate antiwear hydraulic fluids with biodegradable esters or vegetable oils as base fluids.  FUNCTIONAL HF-580 is also highly compatible in other base oils including saturated esters, PAOs and Groups I – III petroleum oils.  FUNCTIONAL HF-580 does not contain zinc or heavy metals, provides oxidation/corrosion protection, extreme-pressure/anti-wear activity, foam resistance and resistance to water.  FUNCTIONAL HF-580, when fully formulated to ISO 46 grade in high oleic canola base oil, demonstrates excellent wear performance and cleanliness in the Vickers 104C vane pump test.

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New industrial gear oil additive packages announced

Three new light color gear oil packages have been introduced.  These products offer excellent EP performance with a Timkin weld load of >60 lbs with low scarring, an EP weld point of 250 kg and an ASTM D130 copper strip rating of 1b. GA-502 is intended for vegetable oil and synthetic ester formulations and GA-602 and GA-604 are intended for Groups I – III mineral oils and PAOs.

FUNCTIONAL GA-502 is a high-performance open gear oil additive package having EP/antiwear, copper/steel corrosion inhibition, water demulsification, tackiness properties, pour point depressant and oxidation inhibition especially suited for biobased open gear lubricants.  Gear oils formulated with FUNCTIONAL GA-502 and vegetable oil base stocks can be considered to be readily biodegradable.


FUNCTIONAL GA-602 is a high-performance open gear oil additive package having EP/antiwear, copper/ steel corrosion inhibition, tackiness properties and oxidation inhibition especially suited for mineral oil based open gear lubricants.  FUNCTIONAL GA-602 is formulated with a tackifier which allows the lubricant to adhere to gear surfaces further reducing corrosion and wear.


FUNCTIONAL GA-604 is a high-performance oil additive package having EP/antiwear, copper/steel corrosion inhibition, pour point depressant and oxidation inhibition especially suited for mineral oil based enclosed gear lubricants.

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FUNCTIONAL V-801 is an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous liquid additive that thickens and confers tack/stringiness to fluids made from water or emulsions of water and soluble oils. It may be blended to increase adherence and drip resistance to liquids or colloidal suspensions used in aqueous bar and chain oils or wire rope lubricants.

Functional V-801 can also be used in flocculating agents, home care/cleaning, and ceramic applications, including as a binder for powders and an anti-sag agent in paints.

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