Viscosity Modifiers

Viscosity Modifiers

Our viscosity modifiers are high molecular weight polymers which change the temperature dependence of the viscosity of a liquid lubricant. These polymeric additives reduce mineral oil thinning as temperature increases. Polymers used as viscosity modifiers in oil have three critical attributes: improved viscosity index, enhanced thickening efficiency, and appropriate shear stability.

Liquid viscosity modifiers are used for ease of handling when preparing industrial fluids and lubricants.

Solid viscosity modifiers are more convenient and economical when large quantities of additives are required and the equipment necessary to granulate the solid form of the product is available.

The active thickeners in our viscosity modifiers are ethylene/propylene copolymers (OCP), polymethacrylate copolymers, or proprietary polymers.

Premium olefin copolymer viscosity modifiers are available through Functional Products Inc. Read more here.

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