Viscosity Modifiers

Functional Products Inc. is proud to offer its own line of polymethacrylate-based (PMA) viscosity index improvers and pour point depressants. This highly versatile polymer chemistry is suitable for manufacturing high performance lubricants with exceptional shear stability and low temperature properties. PMAs are compatible with a wide array of petroleum, synthetic, and bio-based oils.

Functional MG products are ideal for shear stable and multi-grade gear oils. Functional MH products provide a wide array of shear stabilities and thickening efficiencies to optimize treat level and cost per treat for any hydraulic fluid application. Functional MD products provide added dispersancy for tractor and ATF fluids to improve oil cleanliness and reduce varnish.

Functional Products Inc. also provides proprietary pour point depressants (PPD) for mineral oil and bio-based fluids.

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