Functional Products

  • Tackifiers
    We offer a wide range of tackifiers to fit your requirements. Custom products are our specialty.
  • Viscosity Modifiers
    Our viscosity modifiers are high molecular weight polymers which change the temperature dependence of a liquid lubricants’ viscosity.
  • Biobased Additives
    Lubricants based on vegetable oils offer significant environmental benefits as well as providing satisfactory performance in a wide array of applications.
  • Industrial Lubricant Additives
    Industrial packages for mineral and vegetable oil to make finished hydraulic fluids, gear oils and more.
  • Grease Additives
    A variety of polymer additives that positively affect the performance of grease.
  • Food Grade Lubricant Additives
    We offer an extensive line of additives for various types of food grade lubricants.