Premium US-Made OCP Viscosity Modifiers

Functional Products Inc. is proud to now offer olefin copolymers Made in the USA to serve the lubricating oil and grease industries.

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Press Release

May 17th 2023 – OCP or “olefin copolymer” in the lubes industry, are used in automotive and industrial application including engine oils, hydraulic fluids, tractor fluids, wireline, gear oils, and grease application.  The OCPs are available in pellet and block form and are compatible with mineral and synthetic base oils.  Functional Products will be able to provide different grades of these polymers with regards to shear stability and very high thickening efficiency. Functional’s polymer scientists can offer formulary advice incorporating a range of polymer chemistry.  Functional Products Inc. commented that “the OCP polymers when combined with Functional’s M Series of PMAs reduces the viscosity modifiers costs for our customers with meaningful savings and meets the fluid’s performance specification. Additional cost savings can be achieved with North American produced OCPs contributing to a shorter supply chain.”    Functional Products recently doubled the size of its manufacturing plant, test equipment, and lab personnel to service our customer’s formulary requirements.

Functional Products Inc. was established in 1985 and is a full service additive supplier focusing on polymer technology that can provide complete formulation support in mineral based and bio-based products.  Functional Products chemists provide consultative formulary support to customers to   enhance performance parameters and cost reduction.  Functional Products Inc. is located in Macedonia, OH and has global network of agents and distributors.  Please contact Functional Products at 330-963-3060 or