ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Functional Products Inc. has updated its quality management system to the latest ISO 9001:2015 with Design certification. ISO-certified manufacturers work to ensure customer satisfaction, delivery of quality products, and continual improvements to efficiency.

For more benefits of working with an ISO-certified manufacturer, read more at ISO’s QMS site.

New Biodegradable Two-Cycle Engine Oil

Functional Products’s new biodegradable two-cycle engine oil is intended for air-cooled two-cycle engines. This oil is inherently biodegradable and compatible with gasolines containing up to 10% ethanol. The oil outperformed a JASO FD-rated synthetic blend on Piston Merit Rating.

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New Shear Stable Tackifier

Functional V-385 is a shear stable OCP-based tackifier in Group III oil for shear-sensitive high temperature lubricants. This product will contribute modest levels of tack and viscosity. The polymer is PSSI 50 and contributes to anti-misting.

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New High-Temperature Tackifier

Functional V-380 has been developed as a high temperature tackifier using a new technology developed for polyisobutylene products. Functional V-380 has greatly reduced tack loss during prolonged high-temperature (150-200˚C) operation and is formulated in a thermally stable mineral oil. Functional V-380 is compatible with Group II and OCP-based additives.

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New Grease Additive Announced

A new highly concentrated liquid grease additive, FUNCTIONAL V-4033, has been developed to improve water spray-off in greases. The liquid additive contains a grafted polymer that will react with the soap to improve adhesion to metal surfaces. The concentrated liquid reduces treat rates compared to other liquid additives and increases the consistency of the blending results when compared to solid additives.

The product can be blended into the grease at the beginning of the reaction or added with the cooling oil. The liquid additive flows at room temperature and can be heated to facilitate handling.

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Saw Guide Oil Additive Package Announced

A new saw guide oil additive package has been introduced for the lumber industry. While FUNCTIONAL SGP-567 is designed for both bio derived and mineral oil base stocks, performance data encourages the use of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly vegetable oil base stocks for optimum performance in this application.

FUNCTIONAL SGP-567 is a robust, non-hazardous, multifunctional additive that provides antiwear, mild EP, rust protection and enhanced lubricity. FUNCTIONAL SGP-567 is recommended for multi-blade, gang saws and trimmers commonly used in lumber production.

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