European Ecolabel and LuSC

Functional Products Inc. provides biobased and ecofriendly additives for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) via the European Ecolabel’s Lubricant Substance Classification (LuSC) listEuropean Ecolabel is one Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) program that may be used to streamline registration for Vessel General Permit (VGP) for lubricants and greases on ships and waterways.

The official LuSC list is available here and contains all white-listed components and packages. Newly registered products may take some time to appear on the list but are valid – contact us for the most recent LuSC status.

For more information on exact formulation and performance requirements, consult the User Manual for EU Ecolabel Lubricants. Treat levels are dependent on the properties of the additive, application, and likelihood of loss to the environment.

Active FUNCTIONAL additives on the LuSC list as of February 7th 2024 (click to download cheat sheet):

See the most up-to-date Technical Datasheets and Safety Datasheets in the TDS and SDS sections.

We are currently promoting these Ecolabel LuSC-listed products:

Base Stocks:

  • FUNCTIONAL V-5019 – ISO 1900 synthetic ester with excellent biodegradability and low temperature fluidity
  • FUNCTIONAL V-5048 – ISO 4800 synthetic ester with excellent biodegradability and low temperature fluidity


  • FUNCTIONAL V-188P2 – Shear stable biodegradable OCP tackifier for biodegradable PAO / HEPR, oil-soluble PAG, and non-ester formulations
  • FUNCTIONAL V-584 – Tackifier for vegetable oils and some synthetic esters

Viscosity Modifier / Viscosity Improvers:

  • FUNCTIONAL V-508 – 29 SSI viscosity modifier in vegetable oil for biobased; versatile in many vegetable oils and synthetic esters
  • FUNCTIONAL V-508A5 – V-508 variant, based in a synthetic diester
  • FUNCTIONAL V-508M – V-508 variant, more concentrated
  • FUNCTIONAL V-508F – V-508 variant, more concentrated in biobased ester
  • FUNCTIONAL V-515 – 50 SSI viscosity modifier and shear stable tackifier in vegetable oil for biobased
  • FUNCTIONAL V-521 – 30 SSI viscosity modifier in vegetable oil for biobased; exceptional low temperature fluidity
  • FUNCTIONAL V-521L – V-521 variant, lower viscosity for better handling
  • FUNCTIONAL V-731 – 1100 cSt EPO viscosity modifier
  • FUNCTIONAL V-732 – 2000 cSt EPO viscosity modifier
  • FUNCTIONAL V-830 – Water and glycol soluble powder-form viscosity modifier

Pour Point Depressants:

  • FUNCTIONAL PD-585 – Concentrated pour point depressant for vegetable oils / triglycerides

Complete Additive Package:

  • FUNCTIONAL GA-533 – industrial EP package for gear oil, grease, rock drill, and other EP lubes
  • FUNCTIONAL HF-595 – hydraulic fluid additive package
  • FUNCTIONAL SGP-563 – saw guide oil package for high speed saw and chain lubricants


  • FUNCTIONAL DF-400 – versatile defoamer for biodegradable PAOs and low polarity esters
  • FUNCTIONAL DF-500 – silicone-free defoamer for vegetable oils and fatty synthetic esters (medium polarity)
  • FUNCTIONAL DM-400 – highly effective demulsifier for a wide range of EAL base fluids

Grease Additives and Thickeners:

  • FUNCTIONAL V-4051 – liquid grease polymer for improved water resistance
  • FUNCTIONAL V-4051F – V-4051 variant, more concentrated