Functional Products

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Functional Products Inc. has updated its quality management system to the latest ISO 9001:2015 with Design certification. ISO-certified manufacturers work to ensure customer satisfaction, delivery of quality products, and continual improvements to efficiency.

For more benefits of working with an ISO-certified manufacturer, read more at ISO’s QMS site.

New Biodegradable Two-Cycle Engine Oil

Functional Products’s new biodegradable two-cycle engine oil is intended for air-cooled two-cycle engines. This oil is inherently biodegradable and compatible with gasolines containing up to 10% ethanol. The oil outperformed a JASO FD-rated synthetic blend on Piston Merit Rating.

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New Shear Stable Tackifier

Functional V-385 is a shear stable OCP-based tackifier in Group III oil for shear-sensitive high temperature lubricants. This product will contribute modest levels of tack and viscosity. The polymer is PSSI 50 and contributes to anti-misting.

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New High-Temperature Tackifier

Functional V-380 has been developed as a high temperature tackifier using a new technology developed for polyisobutylene products. Functional V-380 has greatly reduced tack loss during prolonged high-temperature (150-200˚C) operation and is formulated in a thermally stable mineral oil. Functional V-380 is compatible with Group II and OCP-based additives.

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