Functional Products

New naphthenic viscosity modifier (V-158FN)

Functional V-158FN is a 45 SSI OCP viscosity modifier formulated in a low viscosity naphthenic oil. This product uses a synergy of low temperature polymer and oil to provide excellent pour points and flow at low temperature even at ISO grades up to 10,000. V-158FN is ideal for wireline greases, oil/gas exploration, and mining where economic but high performance solutions are demanded.

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New ultra high MW tackifier (V-175)

Functional V-175 is a polyisobutylene (PIB) tackifier which uses an ultra high molecular weight grade of polymer to impart very high levels of tackiness in lubricants and greases with minimal treat. Stringiness and other viscoelastic effects (wetting, anti-mist, tack) are greatly improved with higher molecular weights. This product is ideal for textile lubricants, chain oils, and high speed single pass applications.

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Functional Products Inc. wins NLGI 2018 Development Author Award

Functional Products Inc. presented current research at 85th Annual NLGI grease conference in Coeur D’Alene Idaho. The topic was blending different viscosity index (VI) improver chemistries to obtain high performance at low cost and how the interaction of blended papers influences the VI and low temperature behavior.

The paper received the 2018 Development Author Award for “for the best paper presented at our Annual Meeting that focuses on formulation, development, and manufacture of finished greases.”

New Group III Pour Point Depressant – PD-630

Functional PD-630 is a pour point depressant (PPD) engineered for exceptional performance in Group III oils. Each API oil Group (I, II, III) contains characteristic distributions of waxes that form gel at low temperature (-10 to -20C) and worsen the pour point of oil. PPDs interfere with the formation of this waxy gel and can extend the pour point to temperatures below -40C. The extreme hydrocracking used to produce Group III oils creates residual wax species unlike those in Group I or II oils.

It is best practice to choose a PPD that is best formulated to a particular base oil for maximum pour point reduction and lowest cost per treat. A Group III PPD is recommended when working with any formulation in Group III base oil. Group III PPDs also show good improvement in formulations with high VI improver content.

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