FUNCTIONAL EPO (V-731 and V-731)

FUNCTIONAL V-731 and V-732 are new entries to the V-700 series of shear stable polyolefins. These ethylene-propylene oligomers (“EPO”) are low molecular weight copolymers of ethylene and propylene designed for high performance, low volatility applications in synthetic gear, hydraulic, and grease. EPOs are extremely versatile due to their high thickening efficiencies, negligible sensitivity to shearing, and ability to flow at low temperatures.

FUNCTIONAL V-731 and V-732 are now available – read more in the High Viscosity Synthetic Base Stock portfolio. European Ecolabel and NSF HX-1 certifications are pending.

Hiring – Sales Agent for Canada (Toronto area)

Functional Products is growing.  We have doubled our manufacturing facility in 2020 and invested in a full line lab for lubricant additives. 

Functional Products seeks an independent Agent located in the Toronto market area to represent our line in Canada.   You will work on existing accounts with our distributor and develop new accounts for our lubricant additives. The part time work schedule is very flexible and Functional will support you with extensive product training and its fully equipped lab to support customer’s technical developments.

Compensation is a retainer and a commission for increased sales.

Requirements- Very solid existing relationships with the technical and purchasing personnel at lubricant customers including major oil companies and smaller regional firms.

 Contact gduckworth@functionalproducts.com

High Viscosity Synthetic Base Stock – FUNCTIONAL V-705

FUNCTIONAL V-705 is a unique ISO 37000 polyolefin base stock for exceptional shear stability (0% SSI by D6278, <5% SSI by KRL), low temperature fluidity, and additive compatibility in a wide range of mineral oil, PAO, and eco-friendly formulations.

FUNCTIONAL V-705 enables low cost Group III formulations competitive in performance and cost to full PAO or PMA/PAO formulations in 75W automotive gear oils.

Key benefits:

  • Formulate automotive gear oils at the 75W140 level without PAO or ester resulting in a 20-40% formulation savings. Exceeds Brookfield Viscosity low temperature performance.
  • Formulate multi-grade hydraulic fluids that are extremely shear stable and with excellent low temperature properties. Mil-Spec. 5606 HF (MIL-PRF-5606H)Formulation high VI HF products with superior performance.
  • Replacement for polybutenes, mPAOs, EPOs while providing greater additive compatibility
  • Excellent shear stable viscosity booster for grease

Water based Polymers and Additives

Water based lubricants represent a growing market niche because of water’s unique properties, lower cost as a diluent,  and the  reduced environmental impact when compared to oil based lubricants. Your technical team may find it a worthwhile investigation. Building viscosity in water presents obvious challenges due to polymer compatibility in aqueous systems.  Functional Products Inc. offers a full line of tackifiers and viscosity modifiers for water based lubricants.   Functional Product’s Technical Director Dr. Erik Willett recently presented in a  paper on the technical mechanism of polymers and water.

Read the conference paper here:  Water Soluble Polymers for Industrial Lubrication

Remote Training Seminars and Workshops

As a result of Covid-19, Functional Products has developed numerous technical training seminars for remote use, which can either be delivered in webinar or PDF through Zoom, Webex, Skype, or any enterprise conference software.  Topics covered include these broad lubricant topics:  tackifiers, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, biobased additives, polymer for grease, and food grade additives. Topics are arranged to cover both the additives and the fully formulated lubricant/application.

Contact us to pick your topics and schedule a training session at your convenience.

New Brochures and Products

Brochures for all portfolios have been updated for September 2019 with new summer products.

New stand-out products:

  • Low treat rock drill and hydraulic fluid packages in Biobased
  • Industrial gear oil package and PAO-based OCP viscosity modifiers in Industrial
  • Ultra-high MW food grade tackifier and sulfur-free EP corrosion inhibitor packages in Food Grade
  • Naphthenic polymethacrylate polymers and Group III pour point depressants in Polymethacrylates
  • Liquid biobased and solid food grade grease polymers in Grease
  • High clarity, water-based tackifier in Tackifier

New Group III Pour Point Depressant – PD-630

Functional PD-630 is a pour point depressant (PPD) engineered for exceptional performance in Group III oils. Each API oil Group (I, II, III) contains characteristic distributions of waxes that form gel at low temperature (-10 to -20C) and worsen the pour point of oil. PPDs interfere with the formation of this waxy gel and can extend the pour point to temperatures below -40C. The extreme hydrocracking used to produce Group III oils creates residual wax species unlike those in Group I or II oils.

It is best practice to choose a PPD that is best formulated to a particular base oil for maximum pour point reduction and lowest cost per treat. A Group III PPD is recommended when working with any formulation in Group III base oil. Group III PPDs also show good improvement in formulations with high VI improver content.

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