New Brochures and Products

Brochures for all portfolios have been updated for September 2019 with new summer products.

New stand-out products:

  • Low treat rock drill and hydraulic fluid packages in Biobased
  • Industrial gear oil package and PAO-based OCP viscosity modifiers in Industrial
  • Ultra-high MW food grade tackifier and sulfur-free EP corrosion inhibitor packages in Food Grade
  • Naphthenic polymethacrylate polymers and Group III pour point depressants in Polymethacrylates
  • Liquid biobased and solid food grade grease polymers in Grease
  • High clarity, water-based tackifier in Tackifier

New Group III Pour Point Depressant – PD-630

Functional PD-630 is a pour point depressant (PPD) engineered for exceptional performance in Group III oils. Each API oil Group (I, II, III) contains characteristic distributions of waxes that form gel at low temperature (-10 to -20C) and worsen the pour point of oil. PPDs interfere with the formation of this waxy gel and can extend the pour point to temperatures below -40C. The extreme hydrocracking used to produce Group III oils creates residual wax species unlike those in Group I or II oils.

It is best practice to choose a PPD that is best formulated to a particular base oil for maximum pour point reduction and lowest cost per treat. A Group III PPD is recommended when working with any formulation in Group III base oil. Group III PPDs also show good improvement in formulations with high VI improver content.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Functional Products Inc. has updated its quality management system to the latest ISO 9001:2015 with Design certification. ISO-certified manufacturers work to ensure customer satisfaction, delivery of quality products, and continual improvements to efficiency.

For more benefits of working with an ISO-certified manufacturer, read more at ISO’s QMS site.