Functional Products

  • Tackifiers
    Tackifiers are special rheology modifiers for lubricants and greases which act to keep the fluid on high speed moving parts, reduce drippage, and prevent hazardous mist formation. The classic example is tacky chain saw oil.
  • Viscosity Modifiers
    Viscosity modifiers are used to tune the viscosity of oil for light or heavy duty applications (0W-20 versus 15W-40 engine oils, for example) based on the lubricated equipment’s manufacturer recommendations. We offer many different types of viscosity modifiers to account for the oil drain interval, application’s intensity, and low temperature pumpability.
  • Industrial Lubricant Additives
    Industrial additive “packages” (useful combinations of additives which perform together in synergy) convert simple petroleum oil into a fully functional lubricant capable of meeting stringent industry standards for wear protection, corrosion prevention, and service life. Gear oils and hydraulic fluids contain some similar components, but the specific kind and level of those components can greatly differ.
  • Grease Additives
    Greases are specialized form of lubricant which stays in place and seals vital components like bearings. Different grease types have their strengths and weaknesses – the right additive can enhance those attributes. “Grease polymers” add that tacky quality and high water resistance that end users rely on.
  • Biobased and Biodegradable Additives
    Specialty biobased and biodegradable lubricants are called ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘environmentally acceptable’ and are required for use in boats or construction/mining in sensitive areas. We develop innovation chemistry by recreating the major types of additive used in petroleum but for use with unique eco-friendly fluids.
  • Food Machinery Lubricant Additives (NSF HX-1 / H1)
    Lubrication for food processing equipment requires special additives which have been carefully evaluated for toxicity in the event the lubricant is exposed to food. The list of acceptable additives is short and it can be a challenge to meet certain performance requirements. We are experts at building and registering unique NSF listed additives so you can get the additives you need with the safety required.