High Viscosity Synthetic Base Stock – FUNCTIONAL V-705

FUNCTIONAL V-705 is a unique ISO 37000 polyolefin base stock for exceptional shear stability (0% SSI by D6278, <5% SSI by KRL), low temperature fluidity, and additive compatibility in a wide range of mineral oil, PAO, and eco-friendly formulations.

FUNCTIONAL V-705 enables low cost Group III formulations competitive in performance and cost to full PAO or PMA/PAO formulations in 75W automotive gear oils.

Key benefits:

  • Formulate automotive gear oils at the 75W140 level without PAO or ester resulting in a 20-40% formulation savings. Exceeds Brookfield Viscosity low temperature performance.
  • Formulate multi-grade hydraulic fluids that are extremely shear stable and with excellent low temperature properties. Mil-Spec. 5606 HF (MIL-PRF-5606H)Formulation high VI HF products with superior performance.
  • Replacement for polybutenes, mPAOs, EPOs while providing greater additive compatibility
  • Excellent shear stable viscosity booster for grease